TrafficProgrammer Free 0.7

Boost the number of hits on your site


  • Doesn't require much setting up
  • Claims to deliver instant results
  • No monthly fees


  • No major increases in traffic
  • Requires purchase of the full version

Not bad

TrafficProgrammer Free aims to increase internet traffic to your page by a series of intelligent navigation interchanges. The idea is that TrafficProgrammer "links" users together so that everyone who is on board, eventually visits your site. The developers claim that this is no gimmick and there is no catch - simply by activating your account you'll notice 500 visit extra.

You gradually earn credits when somebody (with a new IP address) visits one of your pages and thus the more credits you get, the more traffic the program channels your way. However, you should approach this program with some scepticism. You are required to make a purchase for the full version although the developers guarantee that there are no monthly fees or additional costs to be paid after that. You just pay once and then you can use it as long and for as many visitors as you want.

In reality, you may notice a slight increase in traffic after installing this but on first impressions, it's not enough to warrant purchasing the full version.

Traffic-Programmer offers traffic interchange for your web sites by giving you a chance to surf other members web site and in return you will get visitors to your websites increasing highly effective web site promotion. Leaves no site behind "every site displayed on its turn".

There's no need to sign-up or join anything, no need for email activation and it works with all operating systems.

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TrafficProgrammer Free 0.7

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